The Crockford Keyboard

The Crockford Keyboard is an arrangement of letter keys for non-typists, or for environments (such as touch screens) where conventional two-handed keyboarding does not work.

The order of the keys is strictly alphabetical. The vowels are aligned in the left column. This tends to reduce hunting time. The nearly square field is better suited to one-handed or two-index-finger typing than the wide-rectangular pattern used on conventional keyboards.

The four-key blank area at the upper right can be used to provide special keys for foreign languages.

The Crockford Keyboard was first designed in 1981, and has been placed into the Public Domain.

The Crockford Keyboard is very well suited to pen-based systems, such as the the Palm Pilot. The four blank keys in the top right can be customized by the user to hold frequently used special characters or macros.

Another four slots are available for user-defined upper-case characters or macros.

The ASCII special characters are available on a Special Characters overlay.

European characters are easily accomodated as an overlay on the regular keyboard.

Upper-case is also available.

Additional special characters are also available. Again, there are four spaces reserved for custom characters and macros.

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